China buying up the food supply!

I came across this video I found very concerning and wanted to share with you.

It talks about the global food crisis and how China over the last year has been hoarding food makes me wonder how this may affect us in the future. They say he who controls the food controls the people. China has bought 60% of the world's grain; they hold 60% of the world's rice 51% of the world's wheat in its reserves. "Alarms not going off here" They have bought out the pork industry and purchased billions of our farmland. Remember, grain is used in almost everything, while their store shelves are the fullest they have ever been. Our shelves are starting to become empty. After seeing this video, it makes me ask many questions.

  • Are we selling our access product?
  • Are the people in charge caring more about profit than feeding their people?
  • How will this affect us here?
  • Does China want power over the food supply?
  • What is China preparing for?
  • Do they see something we don't?
  • Is China trying to accelerate food shortages?
  • Is this being overlooked by governments?

Check out the video. It goes a little deeper. Where will this leave us in the future if we do not get a hold of our food supply?