Boxabl 50K house for Sustainable Living.

This new and exciting company called Boxabl builds and sells boxed homes for around 50k the model. The houses are fabricated beforehand in a plant, so it takes just hours to put the walls in place on arrival. This is great for someone who wants to minimalize and does not need extra unused space. You can get a second story or keep it one level at 375 feet if required. There are many different models and size options. It seems an excellent way to go in the future if you don't want to be locked down on a mortgage with rates that are subjected to constant change. It will also cut down the wait time to build a home or the seven months before moving into a bought home. It is also affordable. Elon Musk has been living in one of these spaces at his space facility to work. There are many benefits to having one if you're ok with living in a smaller area .great idea by Boxabl.