March 2020-Like Market Turmoil On the Horizon

The News of China shutting down to a total lockdown will wreak havoc on the markets due to their high exportation. In addition, we have a war Between Russia and Ukraine with no resolution in sight. The U.S. blaming the Chinese for dealing with Russia when you put all these together leaves a great uncertainty of what is to happen in the markets.

Maneco64 discusses the bond and U.S treasury markets, and he would expect these markets to rally yesterday, but they did not. He states, " we are in a critical juncture long-term in bond prices and bond yields " Tomorrow is the Fomc meeting where the fed will be announcing its interest rate hike of 25 base points. Maneco64 believes we will continue to see prices rise long term.

We will see paper assets stocks and bonds move into hard assets commodities it seems safe to put your money now.

Maneco64 talks about today's prices 4.29

  • gold is down 23 and not concerned because they correct and retest the breakout. Tomorrow's meeting could be a turning point for gold, but we can only see Tomorrow
  • Silver down .33 cents
  • Dow future is down 120
  • Nasdaq id down 23
  • s&p down 13 "It looks like everything has already been sold off."

Maneco64 talks about the currencies 9.16

Maneco64 goes over the Commodities 11.11 Commodities are still in a bull market, he states, and that nothing has changed, it's having a minor correction and will probably continue its bear trend.

Maneco65 descusses current bond market 11.56( Yields rose, bonds fell, which is not good, and are on a support line. But, again, very volatile, and there is very little liquidity.

His advice is to hold on to your gold, and silver is a hard asset.