I came across this video from My Financial Friend, who thinks that crypto will not be going into a bear market. However, we have seen the crypto fall significantly in recent weeks and have had a turnaround today. The stock markets, in general, were looking good and could be because many companies have had great earnings for this financial quarter.

Starts at: 2:20 Jerome Powell says the federal reserve will soon release the digital currency report Hints at crypto legislation. Good or Bad?

Meta (Facebook)

Starts at: 3:15 Meta (Facebook) has filed for trademark registration on Jan. 25 with Brazilian authorities to help design various bitcoin and crypto-related services. It looks like Facebook is trying to cash in on the trend. They had seemed to find a way even when the U.S. denied it. Something to look out for in the future.

LLLiquid Supply.

The supply is continuing to go up, and the price is down. So there would need to be some big news in cryptos making the demand to buy better for the position of this cryptocurrency.


Starts at: 5.11

  • Talks about the FTX raised $400 million of funding just after its U.S.-based sister firm did the same last week.
  • The money raised will help in the expansions and launching of products.
  • Crypto Winter on the rise well bank man-fried believes that rising interest rates will help keep the crypto market going.


Three hundred small U.S. banks will be offering their services to buy crypto, which will help the demand and bring in more customers.


Starts at: 7:04

  • They went live on Sunday
  • Reached 68.37m
  • Need more
  • scaling issues