How I hacked a hardware crypto wallet and recovered $2 million

I watched this interesting video and the story of Dan, who lost his password to his bitcoin hard wallet. Having $2 million of crypto that he is unable to retrieve. Dan decided to reach out to a well-known hacker named joe and see if he could hack his Trezor hard wallet and recuperate his funds. You only get a couple of chances, and the wallet will wipe out the information. It took joe three months of trial and error with other devices to find out what was needed to break this wallet. It has to do with fault injection that causes misbehavior on the silicone chip in a hard wallet. Joe creates a couple of devices that enable him to retrieve the information of the ram and help dan recover his password. Watch joe go through cracking this hard wallet and the steps he took in retrieving this information for dan.

I guess all hope is not lost if you lose your private key and password, and there are people out there that can hack this information for you for a certain amount of money.