Lost your bitcoin wallet what to do

You have forgotten the wallet you put your Bitcoin in. Here are some things you can do.

Retrace your steps and try to remember what type of wallet you used.

Web wallets-

  • You can check your browsing history and use search box to see which site you might have used to create wallet.
  • search through your email history to find site you may have used, using key words like bitcoin, crypto, wallet etc.

Mobile wallets-

  • if you deleted it on your phone you can go to your app store or play store and redownload.

Hardware wallets-

  • You will have to turn your place upside down and look in all corners of your place to find where you put it.

Desktop wallets-

  • You will have to go through all folders on computer and check hidden folders.

Paper wallets-

  • Search in your storage bins, old folders, purses, drawers, bookshelves to find where you put the information down.

Other places you may find your wallet

  • Old hard drives
  • Old tape drives
  • Portable universal serial bus (USB) drives
  • Writable CD or DVD-ROMs
  • Bitcoin or cryptocurrency exchanges

If this didn’t help you already you can always ask for help from others that can guild you in the right direction in finding your wallet. Good luck.