Kevin O'Leary: 20% of His Portfolio is in Cryptocurrencies.

I like what Kevin says in this video don't look at bitcoin as a coin but simply as software. It's the same way as looking at Microsoft or Google. It's all software. His position as of today is Kevin has 20% of his portfolio now in crypto.

A question asked Kevin is. If he thinks some of these coins will be obsolete in a decade from now?

Answer: You have to diversify your portfolio. Kevin owns 32 different positions including equity in ftx itself, but he also says he is a paid spokesperson for the company and is backing their standings. The reality is you don't know which one will come out on top in the future. It boils down to that they are all software companies backed by exceptional young talent, some of the brightest engineers worldwide. Kevin believes we should support innovation and be the leaders in policy because Canada and other countries are ahead of the U.S. Time to get the ball rolling.