The 10 WORST Investing Mistakes to make for 2022

This video is for all you new investors that are just starting. I love how New Money has broken down the ten investing mistakes you can make and how you can avoid them. Below are the ten mistakes with links to the exact point, but I recommend watching the whole video because it may just save you some time and money in your trading future.

  1. Investing because the market is up. 1.16
  2. Buying a stock without understanding the intrinsic value. 2:29
  3. Investing in something because your friend bought it. 3:53
  4. Don’t listen to stock tips. Full stop. 4:32
  5. Buying something that you don’t understand. 5:20
  6. Not playing the long game. 6:24
  7. Buying a business that doesn’t have a moat. 7:37
  8. Thinking that you’re an expert. 9:04
  9. Confirmation bias. 9:53
  10. Not keeping up with the company once you have invested in it. 10:55

Enjoy the video and remember any knowledge to help you better your investing choices is good knowledge. So Keep learning and happy investing.