Pelosi Wants Any Stock Trading Ban to Be Government-Wide.

I found this an excellent policy to put in effect that any public member, spouse, or family member be banned from trading in the stock market until the person of conflict is out of congress. If regular individuals can be punished for insider trading, why not active house members. This bill has been drawn up and supported by a dozen house members that believe it should be a free market. The problem with these congress members or legislators being able to trade in the markets gives them an insider edge on the policies that may affect specific businesses. It’s a form of insider trading. They know what is to come and how it will affect market areas. The other downside is they may not put Curtin policy because it may affect their portfolio. I believe this to be something worth pushing for to make the playing field equal. Watch the video above. It talks about Curtin congress members and their spouses making big profits from insider knowledge. The suggestion for congress members to take this bill back to their parties to be discussed might be tricky because who knows how many have their hands in the cookie jar.