It's Already Too Late; Things Are Getting Serious "AI"

Elon Musk goes deep in talking about his feelings about Artificial Intelligence because this is on the horizon. Elon states with deep conviction that we need to regulate this to ensure the public good is being served before it's too late. He says that we allow something to be handled most of the time after problems arise, which should not be the case here. We will lose many jobs, that's for sure! Because Robots will be able to do everything better than us.

Companies are pushing to implicate this ASAP because you will be out if your competitor has this before you. Eon thinks the regulators need to pause to ensure this will be safe for all. The first job's to go will be in the transport industry. Elon talks about cars being 50% electric and autonomous in 10 years and how China will be way ahead of the U.S. because their environmental policies are way ahead of us. So 20 years, we will be fully autonomous.

Elon talks about solar power and how you only need about 100 miles of solar panels to power the U.S. However, the batteries you need to store that energy are one mile by one mile. After seeing this, I wonder why this is not already in effect. I think we can all come to an answer to that, though.

Overall I enjoyed this video on Elon's personal opinions about these topics.