Why the stock market plunge is a buying opportunity


Sylvia Jablonski talks about the uncertainty in the markets currently. She goes down a list of the fed's meeting talks of tapering followed by the balance sheet and the high-interest rates. The news around Russia is all impacting the markets short term. She states that since World War II, this has happened 26 times. When pull-outs are around 20%, they last for about four months, and 10% to 5% last about a month. It is kind of a wait-and-see pattern at this moment in time. Where one sees red, the other sees an opportunity to invest and buy while the market is low for a long-term investment because, as always, the markets recover. It is a good time for investors to get in.

Feelings that the market is overpricing in rate hikes due to the market running hot. Companies were doing well, and consumers were spending. It is not the case now, and there is much uncertainty around the board. It's now a question of time to see how all factors play out.

Let's go now to bitcoin and the market's volatility and pullbacks. You have two types of people, investors who have bought in high, low, and dollar levels. Now understand that it is looking like a bottom level, and it would be wise to hang long term for now if the cash is not needed. Just hang tight. The markets usually come back. Being aware these are high-risk stocks.

To see what Sylvia looks for to invest in the future, watch this video until the end to get her personal opinions.