The Only Day Trading Strategy You Will Ever Need!

This tutorial from The Trading Channel will help you learn how to identify trends on a price chart. You will be able to identify the major swing highs and lows in a bull/ bear market and the strategic points you will enter and trade out. This video gives you a repetitive view, making it clear, especially if you are new in the markets.

This section helps you go through the charts and clearly understand the major and minor swing highs and lows in a bear or bull market and why these are important to understand. After following the trends, you will be able to see the indications of when a reversal is about to take place in the market. You can watch the video above or click on time below.

  • Major swing levels bull market. 3:41
  • Major swing levels bear market. 17:44


This section looks at the trend you are in (bull or bear) and the time frame of when you should trade. You then identify your major swing levels. When all this is established, how you find your ideal times you should place your trade and sell if the trend continues unless the market breaks through and shows it wants to reverse, then you hold back. Click the time below to see this explained in full.

  • The time frame we plan to trad.
  • The time frame we place the trade.

Example: Bear market: 24:16 Example: Bull market: 32:21

You want to be a successful day trader and make money; there are three rules to follow. Strategies that are rules-based so you can stay consistent with it and have proven to make money over time.

  1. Higher time-framed trend.
  2. Last major swing level was broken.
  3. Rejection. (Double top).

Triangle of trading success

These are the three skills you must master when trading in the financial markets. It starts at 39:57

  1. Strategy.
  2. Risk management plan.
  3. Trading psychology/discipline.

I hope you enjoyed this video because it explains trends and strategies for those just starting and who want to understand the markets better. Enjoy and happy trading, my fellow investors.