The Only Chart Pattern Trading Video You Will Ever Need.

This learning video by The Trading Channel will go in-depth to help you better gain knowledge of the reoccurring patterns you will see on a price chart by names. How to build your strategies around these patterns to help you determine your entry point and selling point in each pattern. To generate the best possible gain or, in some cases, a loss can be unforeseeable circumstances. I will link the times for each pattern below for easy access.

  1. Top 3 chart pattern mistakes 1:17

    • Not having objective rules for chart patterns.
    • Trading chart patterns in the middle of now were.
    • Not being consistent with chart patterns.
  2. Double bottom pattern strategy 10:01

  3. Double top pattern strategy 13:36

  4. Head & shoulders pattern 16:33

  5. Inverse head & shoulders 22:03

Four rules are C. E. S. T

  • Conditions
  • Entries
  • Stops
  • Targets

How to use C.E.S.T and overbought area.

  1. Applying C.E.S.T of a double top on a price chart while checking the overbought area. It starts at 31:24
  2. Applying C.E.S.T of double bottom on a price chart while checking the overbought area. It starts at 36:15

How to use these patterns in a trend continuation in a bull or bear market when adding a 200-period ema or exponential.

  • Double bottom in a bull market Starts at: 46:25
  • Double top in a bear market starts at: 50:54
  • Inverse Head & shoulders starts at: 53:18
  • Head & shoulders starts at: 55:41

The more you understand the trends of the market, the patterns that are occurring, and use your C.E.S.T, the better long-term gains you will be able to generate. I hope you find this video valuable and happy investing.