Kevin O'Leary is suing the Canadian government over Stupid law, People are pissed off…..

I suggest you watch the video of Kevin O'Leary from sharks tank talking about Canada. Then, let me fill you in for those who do not know what is happening here.

The convoy for freedom is a movement our truckers have started and driven their big rig vehicles to parliament to protest mandates and restrictions. In many provinces, they have blocked bridges to the U.S. and will not give up until freedom has been restored. It has created a movement we are now seeing across the globe.

Kevin O'Leary is a fellow Canadian, and here is what he has to say about this. He knows Canadians are, and I quoit "REALLY PISSED OFF." The bottom line is that they hit the final straw and are frustrated with all the confusion from the government's bad management. Continuous lockdowns while other areas of the world are opening. The Canadians realize that the health care system is missing beds, so it drains all the resources and takes up the total capacity in a time of crisis. It leaves no choice but to shut down repetitively. He states it has been "so inconsistent" that the people have started to protest. This displays a weakness in leadership, and Canadians are not happy.

Kevin talks about Trudeau and his success for being in office for ten years but has bad management skills when running one of the biggest businesses in Canada, which is Canada. Kevin would not hire him for any of his business, he states, and this guy knows how to run a business. He rates his performance in the Covid situation very poorly. He says, "Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world run by the worst managers you can hire."

He says it is critical because the conservatives have just dumped their leader this year, which makes it hard because they can't get any suitable candidates to compete with Trudeau. Although Kevin states that Canada has many talented leaders and people who would be good in this role, there is one problem. When you compete for leadership, and you are not already a politician, you have 36 months to pay back all campaign depts, and if not, you will go to jail." For this reason, Canadians are run by mediocre people. It discourages people outside of politics from running, and it makes sense. Who wants to go to jail for trying to serve your country. Kevin is working on demolishing this law and has won many steps and will eventually make it to the supreme court. It is something he wants to give back to Canadians as a Canadian. Only then will he compete for leadership in Canada.

The question: what is Canada doing wrong right now that would make you re-evaluate management?

Kevin responded: Feeble leadership skills at every department's provincial and federal levels.

Kevin talks about Canada, rich in resources and talented people coming out of excellent schools, but the problem here is that they are leaving to go elsewhere to make more money. Since Canada has become uncompetitive and Trudeau has a big part in this. In the energy sector alone, he has shut down all pipelines made to resource out energy. And what did well in markets this year? Energy. Another problem is we have blocks from province to province like wine. For example, you can not ship wine from B.C. to Quebec because they have shut borders, and he states this has locked out businesses against each other.

So how would Kevin fix the issue of our talent leaving Canada by being more globally competitive, setting taxation policies and energy policies that compete with the world. Canada excels in the technology sector, agriculture businesses, and possibilities in pharma and aerospace and could compete with the right policies. So, it all comes down to policies and campaign laws that need to be changed.

Kevin goes on to say that "Canada does not to be the lowest tax rate in the world it just needs to be competitive so when capital goes to decide where they want to invest there next 100 billion dollars, they at least consider Canada."

What industries does Canada need to invest in to make Canada more competitive

  • Resources
  • Oil
  • Natural gas
  • mining
  • technology
  • health care

What Canada has

  • Natural resources
  • Water
  • Paper
  • Precious metals
  • Basic commodities

Cash flow will come from reinvesting in technology, healthcare, sciences, AgroSciences.

Kevin says we have weak management, foreign minister, finance minister, and prime minister, and all this leads to chaos with your big trading partners, and that's where it stands today. The great thing is Canada is so high in resources that it can keep this lousy management for a long time and still be good until Canada can make a change and make the proper laws in place to give our talent a shot in the forefront changes could happen instantly.

Being a fellow Canadian, this video hit close to home, and I now have a better understanding of the current situation. As a result, I can have a small glimmer of hope that we will be in the right direction one day.